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Midnight Stargazer Transparency Report



Our Midnight Stargazer is a dreamy espresso blend of our best coffees that brings you on a galactic and cosmic journey that’s a reminder to follow your dreams each day.

This coffee – a blend that showcases both the rich flavors of a traditional washed coffee from Hacienda LaMinita and the fruity complexity of an El Salvadorian Pacas, along with lingering notes from Sewda in Ethiopia – will take your senses to galactic, cosmic and dreamy places.

 Our high-quality espresso blend combines our best coffees. We pre-blend and roast to hit just the right mix of low acidity with a rich aroma, body and a beautiful espresso flavor. Our espresso roast will appeal to many traditional espresso drinkers as well as those wanting to push the boundary of what is called espresso.


el salvador   costa rica   ehtiopia sewda 

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