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Our approach to sustainability & impact


Eighty percent of the world’s coffee is produced by smallholder families, not big corporations. Bear Lake Coffee Co. is dedicated to offering high-quality specialty coffee from family farms, scoring 84 or above on the Coffee Quality Institute scale, and grown with planet-friendly agricultural practices. Our focus on ethical sourcing, quality, and direct farmer relationships is highlighted by our commitment to a farm gate coffee purchasing program in 2024, aiming to improve the livelihoods of the families behind our coffee. Farm gate pricing ensures farmers are fairly compensated at the point their coffee enters the supply chain, supporting those dedicated to quality and environmental stewardship.


Bear Lake Coffee Co. prioritizes eco-friendly packaging as a key mission, continually seeking innovative solutions. We've joined forces with Roastar, which is affiliated with How2Recycle and is a member of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, to advance our sustainable coffee packaging. These partnerships focus on creating greener packaging options that adhere to top recycling and compostability standards, aiming to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising the quality and freshness of our coffee. Our to-go packaging aims to reduce single-use cup and plastic use by offering compostable and recyclable options, alongside incentives for customers using reusable cups.

Coffee Refill Program

Bear Lake Coffee Co. offers a sustainable refill program where customers buy a 1 lb. coffee canister and refill it for the price of 12 oz.—for life. This initiative cuts packaging waste and offers great value, underscoring our commitment to the environment and customer satisfaction. Join us in making a positive impact, one canister at a time.

Coffee Roasting

Bear Lake Coffee Co. utilizes clean Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and an afterburner for roasting, significantly reducing pollution. This eco-friendly method lowers our carbon footprint and aligns with our commitment to sustainability and quality. Our approach emphasizes environmental stewardship while ensuring our coffee's high-quality production.


In our kitchen, the emphasis is on locally sourced ingredients, highlighting the value of understanding the origins of your food, down to the farmer and supplier. We are committed to selecting organic and regenerative options whenever possible, building strong and trusting relationships with our farmers and partners. This approach ensures not only the freshest and most nutritious offerings for our customers but also supports sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Local Business

Bear Lake Coffee Co. champions support for local businesses, enriching our community by partnering with nearby suppliers and artisans. This commitment enhances the quality of our offerings and bolsters the local economy, fostering a network of mutual support. We encourage our customers to join us in this mission, making each purchase a step towards strengthening our community and supporting local endeavors.

Net Zero

Bear Lake Coffee Co. has pledged to reach Net Zero by 2030, aiming to drastically reduce emissions or offset what remains through high-quality projects. This commitment will require us to publicly outline our steps towards this goal, act consistently, and report our progress annually. We're actively reducing our carbon footprint by adopting renewable energy, improving our roasting efficiency, and supporting our patrons with electric vehicle initiatives. For example, our net-metered solar array will collect 18,000 kWh of power; this is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by ~15 acres of forest in one year. In 2022, there were 38,000 coffeehouses in the United States. Imagine if they all used the same configuration of renewable solar; that would be equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 570,000 acres of forest in one year or would provide over 15% of the power needed in the United States!

Designed to give

Bear Lake Coffee Co.'s "Design to Give" business impact model commits 2% of our revenues to non-profits in both the coffee-growing regions and the local communities where we operate. This approach ensures every purchase not only supports sustainable and prosperous practices in our coffee sources but also contributes to the well-being of our local areas. By integrating our business operations with this model, we leverage our activities as a catalyst for positive change. Join us in creating a significant impact with every cup, fostering growth and development in communities around the world and close to home.

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