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Ethiopia Guji Benti Korba Sewda Natural Transparency Report

Ethiopia Guji Benti Korba Sewda Natural

DESCRIPTION: The Sewda site is located just outside of the Shakiso town and has NOP and EU Organic certifications. Sewda was set up to process and dry naturals (fruit-dried) coffees. This particular lot is a specific blend of 85% well-ripe, 10% reddish-ripe and 5% over-ripe cherries. The improved natural processing that is done here is unique in that cherries are soaked in fresh water for 12 hours before laying out to dry. This soaking enables floaters to be removed and “helps to initiate the sugar reaction inside the cherry” resulting in a honey-like sweetness. After the soaking process, cherries are laid on raised beds with a thickness of 5cm where they are monitored and turned frequently each day. The raised beds are strategically located in an area that receives little sunlight and high winds which blow through and create an even drying that takes only around 15 days to complete.

CUPPING NOTES: Honey and cherry notes in fragrance. Aroma of watermelon and dark chocolate. Flavors of cherry, grape jam, raisin and nougat with a dark chocolate and honey aftertaste. Mild malic acidity with green apple notes. Very heavy bodied and fudge-like mouth feel.


TASTING NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Honey, Cherry

Origin Ethiopia
Variety Heirloom
Process Natural
Farmer / Producer 500 Small Producers
Region Benti Korba Kebele, Oddoo Shakiso Woreda, Guji, Oromia
Washing Station Sedwa
Farm Collective Farm Group
Drying Raised Beds
Elevation (MASL) 1850-2100
Origin Cup Score 86.25

Farmer-first Information

We take a farmer-first approach when sourcing our coffee, recognizing that the best coffee often comes from family-owned farms. Our commitment ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for producing the highest quality coffee. Our approach goes beyond coffee; it's about empowering farmers and their families to thrive.

  • Farmer/Producer Relationship Length with BLCC: 1 year
  • Farm Gate (price paid to farmer): $4.25 (per lb)
  • Fairtrade Premium (source: $1.88 (per lb)
  • Percent above Fairtrade Premium: 226%

Facts about Coffee Farms across the world

It's a fact that the world's coffee comes from families, not big corporations. Every bag of coffee that we deliver to you comes directly from these incredible coffee-producing families. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to sustainable practices truly make every sip of our coffee a unique experience. This is the ethos that drives us every single day.

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