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Honduras – Miriam Elizabeth Perez Zelaya Transparency Report

Honduras – Miriam Elizabeth Perez Zelaya

Treat yourself to the exceptional qualities of Honduras with this certified organic coffee sourced from the Marcala - La Paz region.

Miriam Elizabeth Pérez Zelaya has curated an exquisite small batch of natural mixed variety coffee, cultivated using regenerative and biodynamic practices at altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1560 meters above sea level on Finca Clave de Sol (Sol Clef). With each sip, you'll experience a complex and delightful cup featuring notes of Almond, Cacao, Honey, and Kiwi. Don't miss this limited opportunity to savor the essence of Honduras in your cup – it won't be available for long!

Inspired by her grandfather since the age of 6, Miriam Elizabeth Pérez Zelaya became a pioneer in organic coffee farming in Marcala, Honduras. In 1993, she helped form the first cooperative for exporting organic coffee in the region, and played a key role in leading to Honduras' first certified organic coffee shipment to Germany. Her farm, 'Finca Clave de Sol,' is renowned for its diverse fruit cultivation and sustainable practices, including contour farming, organic composting, and tree planting. Miriam's commitment to organic farming reflects her dedication to preserving nature, a principle encapsulated in the 'Spiral of Life,' a concept symbolized by her farm's name.

honduras marcala la paz

TASTING NOTES: Almond, Cacao, Honey, and Kiwi


Origin Honduras
Variety Mixture of Varieties
Process Natural
Farmer / Producer Miriam Elizabeth Pérez Zelaya
Region Marcala
Sub-region La Paz
Association Treble Clef
Farm Finca Clave de Sol (Sol Clef)
Agricultural Practice Regenerative + Biodynamic
Elevation (MASL) 1300-1560
Origin Cup Score 85.5
Certifications Certified Organic

Farmer-first Information

We take a farmer-first approach when sourcing our coffee, recognizing that the best coffee often comes from family-owned farms. Our commitment ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for producing the highest quality coffee. Our approach goes beyond coffee; it's about empowering farmers and their families to thrive.

  • Farmer/Producer Relationship Length with BLCC: 1 year
  • Farm Gate (price paid to farmer): $4.50 (per lb)
  • Fairtrade Premium (source: $1.95 (per lb)
  • Percent above Fairtrade Premium: 231%

Facts about Coffee Farms across the world

It's a fact that the world's coffee comes from families, not big corporations. Every bag of coffee that we deliver to you comes directly from these incredible coffee-producing families. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to sustainable practices truly make every sip of our coffee a unique experience. This is the ethos that drives us every single day.

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