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Ethiopia Anaerobic Sidama Karamo Abdosh Transparency Report

Ethiopia Sidama Anaerobic Karamo Natural. 

First, cherries are immersed and floated in water tanks to remove the low density coffees. Cherries are then closed in an airtight fermentation tank. The tanks are regulated by valves to ensure no oxygen can enter throughout the fermentation process. The fermentation occurred for 7 days until the pH level dropped to the target 3.8 in order to highlight the desired profile of winey, dry fruit, juicy, rich floral and tropical flavors. Throughout the 7 days, the fermentation tanks were placed in concrete water baths to maintain constant temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius and to keep the fermentation very slow. The fermentation process was homogenized by rotating or moving the tanks. At the end of the seventh day, the fermentation was suspended by taking out the cherries from the tanks. On the first day out of tanks, a quick drying is applied until the coffee humidity drops to 35%. Cherries were then dried for 30 days under shade on African beds. Once the drying period is completed and the humidity decreased to 12%, cherries were collected and stored in a conducive warehouse for four weeks of resting time before final milling and sorting. The Gara Agena washing station is owned and operated by the Yonis family. 

CUPPING NOTES: Blackberry and tropical fruit in the fragrance with an aroma of boysenberry and cherry. Intense berry flavors of blueberry, boysenberry, strawberry with brown sugar and dark chocolate notes. Aftertaste of honey, chamomile and raspberry with a bright acidity resembling grapefruit and pineapple. Heavy body and syrupy mouthfeel, Overall wild and complex!


TASTING NOTES: Intense Raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, complex mouthfeel


Origin Ethiopia
Variety 774110, 74158
Process Natural
Farmer / Producer Faysel Abdosh
Region Sidama
Sub-region Hayissa Olocho Village
Mill/Washing Station Gara Agena
Farm Faysel Abdosh
Agricultural Practice Regenerative
Elevation (MASL) 1900-2300
Origin Cup Score 87

Farmer-first Information

We take a farmer-first approach when sourcing our coffee, recognizing that the best coffee often comes from family-owned farms. Our commitment ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for producing the highest quality coffee. Our approach goes beyond coffee; it's about empowering farmers and their families to thrive.

  • Farmer/Producer Relationship Length with BLCC: 1 year
  • Farm Gate (price paid to farmer): $10 (per lb)
  • Fairtrade Premium (source: $1.95 (per lb)
  • Percent above Fairtrade Premium: 512%

Facts about Coffee Farms across the world

It's a fact that the world's coffee comes from families, not big corporations. Every bag of coffee that we deliver to you comes directly from these incredible coffee-producing families. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to sustainable practices truly make every sip of our coffee a unique experience. This is the ethos that drives us every single day.

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