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Midnight Stargazer Espresso

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Our Midnight Stargazer is a dreamy espresso blend of our best coffees that brings you on a galactic and cosmic journey that’s a reminder to follow your dreams each day. This coffee – a blend that showcases both the rich flavors of a traditional washed coffee from Hacienda LaMinita and the fruity complexity of an El Salvadorian Pacas, along with lingering notes from Sewda in Ethiopia – will take your senses to galactic, cosmic and dreamy places.

Our high-quality espresso blend combines our best coffees. We pre-blend and roast to hit just the right mix of low acidity with a rich aroma, body and a beautiful espresso flavor. Our espresso roast will appeal to many traditional espresso drinkers as well as those wanting to push the boundary of what is called espresso.

Transparency Report

93 score

Coffee Review Score

Blind Assessment

Evaluated as espresso. Crisply sweet-savory, deep-toned. Baking chocolate, date, hazelnut, gardenia, thyme in aroma and small cup. Full, velvety mouthfeel; chocolaty, sweetly nut-toned finish. In cappuccino format, notes of baking chocolate and hazelnut take center stage, supported by gardenia and thyme.

A blend of coffees from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Ethiopia, roasted for espresso applications. Bear Lake Coffee Co., a B Corp-certified coffeehouse and roastery located in Barronett, Wisconsin, is committed to sustainability through its Coffee with a Purpose™ initiative, which ensures that farmers receive compensation well above the Fairtrade Premium for their exceptional small-batch coffee. 
Bottom Line
An inviting medium-roast espresso blend with a throughline of baking chocolate and hazelnut: richly sweet, deeply savory, gently herbaceous.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jennie Damiani
Makes a yummy cappuccino!

Delicious espresso used for daily cappuccino.

Thomas M.

I have had the benefit of trying every varietal and roast from Bear Lake and I love all of them! Each has their own characteristics but they all taste clean, smooth and delicious! Thanks BL!

Jeremy Musil

This is hands down the best coffee I ever had.Highly recommend it!

Simon Cartin
Fantastic morning coffee for afficianados

For those who like their morning coffee for more than just a caffeine kick, the Midnight Stargazer makes a fantastic cup (or three). It's a little bit lighter than French or Italian roasts which works perfectly to start the day. Making a single cup with a pour-over results in a velvety smooth texture and a very balanced flavor... I was really pleased with the end result.

Lyfia Prince
Fabulous wake up!

Love Midnight Stargazer!
Great aroma and taste. Highly recommend it!!!!

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