Holiday Blend

Our Holiday Blend this year is a delightful fusion of flavors from Central America, drawing inspiration from the rich coffee traditions of El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras. We've carefully selected and roasted beans from these regions to a darker profile, unveiling the deep, enchanting tastes reminiscent of mulled cherry, cocoa, and a touch of spice.

This blend is our tribute to festive gatherings, designed to be shared and savored with friends, family, and colleagues during the holiday season. But don't wait too long – this exclusive blend will be available only until December 31st, 2023. Make sure to experience this unique and festive coffee while it lasts!

Transparency Report

This year's Holiday Blend is an exquisite blend of Central American flavors, inspired by the deep-rooted coffee cultures of El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras.

Coffee presentation Holiday Blend
Origins El Salvador (33%) + Costa Rica (33%) + Honduras (33%)
Varieties El Salvador: Pacas – Natural
Costa Rica: Catuai - Red Honey
Honduras: Mixture of Varieties – Natural
Notes Mulled Cherry + Coca + Spice + Caramel

El Salvador

Carlos & Patty use regenerative farming practices, meaning that they are focused on soil health and sequestering carbon in the soil to mitigate climate change.

They also maintain a great working environment and care deeply about their community, striving to make an impact and “save the planet one cup at a time".

Lot Type Microlot
Origin El Salvador
Single Origin Yes
Farmer/Producer Carlos Pola
Region Apaneca Illamatepec
Sub-region Juayúa
Farm (Estate) Finca San Antonio
Elevation (MASL) 1400
Agricultural Practice Regenerative
DVariety Pacas
Process Natural

Costa Rica

Don Senel's coffee farming exemplifies sustainable, eco-friendly practices. He uses trees like Guaba, Jocote, Anona, Higuerilla, and Poro to create a canopy, shielding plants from excess sun and promoting soil health and biodiversity.

His use of Bioles, natural microorganisms for pest control, minimizes chemical pesticide use, safeguarding environmental and worker health. These traditional, ecologically mindful methods result in superior coffee and set a standard for sustainable agriculture in the industry.

Lot Type Microlot
Origin Costa Rica
Single Origin Yes
Farmer/Producer Don Senel
Region Brunca
Sub-region San Jerónimo de San Pedro
Farm (Estate) Finca La Toboba
Elevation (MASL) 1700-1800
Agricultural Practice Regenerative
DVariety Catuai
Process Red Honey


Inspired by her grandfather since the age of 6, Miriam Elizabeth Pérez Zelaya became a pioneer in organic coffee farming in Marcala, Honduras. In 1993, she helped form the first cooperative for exporting organic coffee in the region, and played a key role in leading to Honduras' first certified organic coffee shipment to Germany.

Her farm, 'Finca Clave de Sol,' is renowned for its diverse fruit cultivation and sustainable practices, including contour farming, organic composting, and tree planting. Miriam's commitment to organic farming reflects her dedication to preserving nature, a principle encapsulated in the 'Spiral of Life,' a concept symbolized by her farm's name.

Lot Type Small batch
Origin Honduras
Single Origin Yes
Farmer/Producer Miriam Elizabeth Pérez Zelaya
Region Marcala
Sub-region La Paz
Association Treble Clef
Farm (Estate) Finca Clave de Sol (Sol Clef)
Elevation (MASL) 1300-1560
Agricultural Practice Regenerative + Biodynamic
Variety Mixture of Varieties
Process Natural