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Colombia Red Bourbon Geisha Campo Hermoso

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Geisha Coffees are often referred to as the best coffee in the world. This Red Bourbon Geisha Lot from Campo Hermoso, produced by Edwin Norena is at the forefront of coffee innovation. An incredibly crisp, rich and complex cup leads to an amazing first sip of sweet starfruit. Developing flavors of strawberry and stonefruits compliment the mouthfeel and acidity for an incredibly balanced cup for refined coffee drinkers. We are also excited to announce this coffee will be showcased at SCA Chicago 2024, and Edwin and his team will be presenting with us at our booth in roaster village.

Tasting notes of sweet starfruit, strawberry, stonefruits

Transparency Report

95 score

Coffee Review Score

Blind Assessment

Elegantly fruit-forward, richly aromatic. Wild strawberry, cocoa nib, lemon verbena, amber, narcissus in aroma and cup. Balanced, juicy acidity; full, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Long, resonant, flavor-saturated finish.

Produced by Edwin Noreña of Finca Campo Hermoso, entirely of the Red Bourbon Geisha variety of Arabica, and processed by the red honey method, in which much of the fruit flesh is left on the beans during the drying process. Bear Lake Coffee Co., a B Corp-certified coffeehouse and roastery located in Barronett, Wisconsin, is committed to sustainability through its Coffee with a Purpose™ initiative, which ensures that farmers receive compensation well above the Fairtrade Premium for their exceptional small-batch coffee.
Bottom Line
A high-toned, pretty, complexly aromatic red honey Colombia that leads with berry and cocoa notes with undertones of spicy florals.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Dominguez
First Time

First time exploring Bear Lake Coffee. Great service and Great Coffee. The Coffe was smooth with Rich complez Aromas.

jarame mitchell
Edwin norena review

It’s really nice to not be able to tell where the gesha ends and the co ferment begins. The hops elevate the floral notes inherent in the gesha and the honey process gives a natural process vibe but with the clarity of a washed.. lots going on with this coffee but the clear delineation of flavors make this interesting for the seasoned pro but approachable for someone new to co ferments and or specialty coffee.. We @bemaroastersak just roasted up our last batch of Edwin’s red fruit co ferment (anaerobic natural) and it was outstanding at various roast levels and preparation methods.. We were uncertain if our customer base would be on board but the 50lbs sold out in about a month.. we purchased this coffee from Jared and wanted to try it out before it landed and you guys did a great job!

Kenneth OBrien
100% Pure Colombian Awesome!

So so so so so good! I love fruit-forward coffees, and this one hits hard.

Eric B. from Ohio

Excellent coffee! Probably in my top 3 coffees. Amazing and very noticeable flavor notes. I'd definitely put this coffee above several I've had from some of the most known roasters. Better than any I've had from Onyx, Tim Wendelboe, Sey, September, Rabbit Hole and Pilot. I'll definitely purchase again.

Excellent flavors

Good body, nice fruity flavors, and long finish.

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