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New Coffee and Subscription Changes Beginning March 28th

A new dawn in the era of Bear Lake Coffee Co. has finally arrived. I am excited to announce that the official launch of operations for Bear Lake Coffee Co. in Barronett Wisconsin will commence on Thursday March 28th, 2024.

We have meticulously been preparing for this day developing and cupping coffees and are eager to share with our Coffee Club members first, the newest offerings here at Bear Lake.

bear lake coffee co coffee beans


Beginning on March 28th, your coffee will now be roasted and shipped from our new roastery here in Wisconsin. Our lineup of coffees will be growing and will now include several higher end offerings including an Anaerobic Ethiopian and Colombian Geisha. What about decaf you might ask? YES! A fabulous Honey Mountain Washed Decaf from Honduras will be available, try it, you won’t know its decaf, its that good. A second offering from Costa Rica and an additional Natural coffee from Ethiopia will also be made available. Additionally, we will be launching our Flagship Café Blend, Barronett Blend. This coffee is comprised of a 50/50 mix of 2 amazing coffees from El Salvador and Costa Rica. Dark Chocolate and Caramel Notes drive this cup and you won’t want to miss out.


bear lake coffee co caleb roasting


With the move to Wisconsin we will also be discontinuing the Great Day Blend and Morning Light Blends. Anyone who has been receiving Great Day will be merged over to the Barronett Blend, and Morning Light drinkers will be moved to the single origin El Salvador Finca San Antonio. If you would like to change your subscription, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns that you might have for me. I am happy to assist you.


bear lake coffee co barronett blend bag


Lastly, we are ecstatic to be sending all 12oz orders in new block bottom bags complete with a sealable zipper, and we will be releasing a 2lb option soon! All coffee orders over $50 will ship for free anywhere in the continental United States (and Alaska) via Priority Mail, or via UPS ground for larger orders. Orders under $50 will now include a flat rate shipping price of $8. Orders will continue to roast on Thursday of each week and ship out on Friday. As Bear Lake grows, we will add additional roast and ship days.”

So… get your cupping spoons out and your taste buds ready as we engage in a new coffee adventure together. I am humbled to be your new Head Roaster.

Happy Brewing


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