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Join the movement, and together, let

Join the movement, and together, let's build a better world.

The past few weeks have been incredibly motivational, as I spent time with organizations that are reimagining a world where business is used as a force for good.

From attending my first Champions Retreat in Philadelphia to UW-Madison's ERBN consulting team presenting their findings and recommendations, my appreciation for the progress we are making continues to grow. Through my travels, over the last few weeks, many folks have asked, “How is Bear Lake Coffee Co. going to make an impact? How are we different?” Great questions! In this blog, I will explore our Impact Business Model (IBM) and the core ethos we will take in pushing toward a positive impact on People, Planet, and Profit!

What is an Impact Business Model?
In today's socially conscious world, businesses can have a real impact by adopting an Impact Business Model (IBM). IBMs prioritize positive social and environmental change by advancing certain practices, processes, and products that benefit stakeholders. While some companies might choose to focus on operational activities, such as renewable energy solutions, others may decide to specialize in particular product lines! By utilizing an IBM you create clarity and meaningful benefits for both your company and its customers.

Taking a closer look at our IBM, you can see our focus on people, planet, and profit.

Bear Lake Coffee Impact Business Model

Figure 1 – Bear Lake Coffee Co. Potential Impact Business Model (IBM) Overview

- People -

"It boils down to the difference between feeling valuable and being valued."

-Tynesia Boyea-Robinson of CapEQ

Tynesia beautifully summed up in one sentence the essence of how we should approach striving to make sure that everyone is valued and appreciated. We strive to promote the idea that each individual is worth more than any price tag—because we all make a difference in some way. That's why, at our company, we focus on three crucial areas: customers' health and wellness; workers' well-being; and community support by means of poverty reduction initiatives present throughout our supply chain.

- Planet -

“Earth is now our only shareholder”

-Yvon Chouinard, founder of the clothing company Patagonia

Yvon Chouinard, a reluctant businessman, has set the bar high for all entrepreneurs. He is so right—it's time to become Earth’s guardians and ensure its well-being for future generations. By uniting together, we can create a lasting legacy of sustainability that will benefit our planet—and humanity as a whole—for years to come. Now is the moment when all people need to play their part and treat the Earth as if it is our only shareholder!

- Profit -

“If capitalism is good, it should be good for the poor”

-Hal Taussig, founder of the very first B Corporation in 2007

Hal’s vision and generosity began an amazing movement to reimagine for-profit capitalism that works for everyone in an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative way. Capitalism is crucial for reducing poverty and driving innovations to improve lives. However, we believe that it is not enough to trust the system and hope for its success; we are actively taking steps to ensure that those who need assistance can access it by dedicating 2 percent of all net revenues toward supporting communities in need.

Closing Thoughts
Join our coffee movement today and help build a better tomorrow for everyone. When you drink our coffee, you're not only supporting farmers and workers across the globe—you're also helping to protect the environment, living a healthier life, and fighting inequality. Plus, our unique revenue governance model means that 2 percent of net revenues are shared with communities in need. We believe that business can be used as a force for good, and our Impact Business Model is the embodiment of that belief. Join us as we work to make an impact on people, planet, and profit!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the movement, and together, let's build a better world one cup at a time.


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