Costa Rica – Don Senel

Don Senel's coffee farming exemplifies sustainable, eco-friendly practices. He uses trees like Guaba, Jocote, Anona, Higuerilla, and Poro to create a canopy, shielding plants from excess sun and promoting soil health and biodiversity.

His use of Bioles, natural microorganisms for pest control, minimizes chemical pesticide use, safeguarding environmental and worker health. These traditional, ecologically mindful methods result in superior coffee and set a standard for sustainable agriculture in the industry.

Orange Zest, Dark Chocolate, Cream 

Coffee Information

Origin Costa Rica
Variety Catuai
Process Red Honey
Farmer / Producer Don Senel
Region Brunca
Sub-region San Jerónimo de San Pedro
Farm Finca La Toboba
Agricultural Practice Regenerative
Elevation (MASL) 1700-1800
Origin Cup Score 85.5
  • Farmer-first Information

    We take a farmer-first approach when sourcing our coffee, recognizing that the best coffee often comes from family-owned farms. Our commitment ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for producing the highest quality coffee. Our approach goes beyond coffee; it's about empowering farmers and their families to thrive.

    • Farmer/Producer Relationship Length with BLCC: 1 year
    • Farm Gate (price paid to farmer): $4.30 (per lb)
    • Fairtrade Premium (source: $1.95 (per lb)
    • Percent above Fairtrade Premium: 221%
  • Facts about Coffee Farms across the world

    It's a fact that the world's coffee comes from families, not big corporations. Every bag of coffee that we deliver to you comes directly from these incredible coffee-producing families. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to sustainable practices truly make every sip of our coffee a unique experience. This is the ethos that drives us every single day.