Meet Carlos Pola

Carlos Pola is invested: in coffee, in his community, and in the environment. His farm in El Salvador is a special place where families work together and pass down industry expertise through generations. For everyone on the farm, coffee is a lifestyle; together, they share a mission to become experts in coffee agriculture, employ eco-friendly processing methods, and distribute wealth throughout the community. With specialty coffee, you can understand exactly where each microlot comes from – and know that your cup was touched by 20-plus hands of farmers who believe that their El Salvadorian coffee is truly special.

About Carlos Pola

Carlos Pola cultivates coffee by continuously experimenting with new processing methods to consistently produces honeys, naturals, and controlled fermentations. He’s driven by his love for the coffee-growing community of Juayúa and surrounding Apaneca-Ilamatepec region.

After handpicking cherries and doing a quick sort to ensure ripeness and quality, coffees go into controlled fermentation tanks void of oxygen for 72 hours. Coffees are then loaded intact (natural process) onto raised beds intact for roughly 2-3 weeks utilizing partial sun and air while being stirred often to promote even drying.

Transparency report

At Bear Lake Coffee Company we strive to provide exceptional transparency for the coffee you are purchasing. We work in a direct-trade capacity with our farmers, perform independent third-party testing, and share insights into our coffee ecosystem – from the direct costs of goods sold to the exact harvest location of the coffee cherries at origin. We believe that great coffee should be sustainable, and sharing our progress toward that goal is an important step in reaching it.

  • Origin Story

    We know the people who produce our coffee. Sourcing directly from farmers allows us to cultivate long-term relationships and ensure we are working with partners who are aligned with our sustainability goals. Our first blend, the Founders’ Microlot, hails from the farm of Carlos Pola in El Salvador. Carlos uses regenerative farming practices, meaning that he is focused on soil health and sequestering carbon in the soil to mitigate climate change. He also has a great working environment and cares deeply about his community, striving to make an impact and “save the planet one cup at a time.”

  • Verified Clean

    Coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. We perform a third-party test on every lot of coffee we purchase to ensure that it is free of toxins, metals, molds, and agrichemicals. Choosing to drink a clean cup can be better for your health and the health of the communities that grow and harvest coffee beans. This lot of coffee was tested and verified by an independent third-party testing organization. Click here for our Founders’ Microlot third-party lab report.

Third Party Tested
Sustainably Farmed
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