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Colombia Finca La Secreta Lychee Caturra Anaerobic

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Finca La Secreta owes its success to the dedication of Juan Carlos Mejia and his family, who work together to nurture over 130,000 coffee trees across their 30-hectare farm. Five of those hectares are a natural reserve, home to various animals and plants and protect wood and water resources.

At Finca La Secreta, Juan Carlos Mejia took the anaerobic process further. In this new process he added lychee fruit, natural fruit concentrates, & yeasts & microbes the process. The result: lyrical, fruit-forward cup brimming with notes of lychee, guava, muscat grape & peach.

Tasting notes of lychee, guava, muscat grape and peach

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Transparency Report

94 points

Coffee Review Score

Blind Assessment

Floral-toned, richly fruity. Wisteria, lychee, kumquat, cocoa nib, marjoram in aroma and cup. High-toned, juicy acidity; viscous, syrupy mouthfeel. Very floral finish with cocoa undertones.

Produced by Juan Carlos Mejia of Finca La Secreta, entirely of the Caturra variety of Arabica, and processed by the anaerobic natural method with the addition of lychee to the fermentation. Bear Lake Coffee Co., a B Corp-certified coffeehouse and roastery located in Barronett, Wisconsin, is committed to sustainability through its Coffee with a Purpose™ initiative, which ensures that farmers receive compensation well above the Fairtrade Premium for their exceptional small-batch coffee. 
Bottom Line
Colombia Caturra co-fermented with Lychee for dramatic and delicious effect — think floral bomb carried by distinct lychee notes (and cocoa nib).

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