El Salvador - Carlos Pola - Founders’ Microlot

$27.00 USD

Our Founders’ Microlot is a balanced and smooth light roast with a deep flavor profile. Look for dark chocolate and notes of blackberry, honey, and graham-cracker.

Carlos Pola cultivates coffee by continuously experimenting with new processing methods to consistently produces honeys, naturals, and controlled fermentations. He’s driven by his love for the coffee-growing community of Juayúa and surrounding Apaneca-Ilamatepec region.

After handpicking cherries and doing a quick sort to ensure ripeness and quality, coffees go into controlled fermentation tanks void of oxygen for 72 hours. Coffees are then loaded intact (natural process) onto raised beds intact for roughly 2-3 weeks utilizing partial sun and air while being stirred often to promote even drying.


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