Founders' Bundle - Moccamaster (Home Edition)

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An experience to welcome you to the world of specialty coffee!

In our fun interactive virtual session, you’ll meet a resident brewmaster and explore the world of coffee!  You will learn

  • Our story
  • About the world coffee belt
  • Coffee bean type
  • How to grind coffe
  • How to make coffee using your brew system
  • Compare up to three distinctly different coffees
  • How to use the SCA's "Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel"
  • A better understanding of how to brew your perfect cup!


  1. Purchase a founders' bundle.
  2. Go ahead and unbox all of your awesome coffee gear! If you run into any snags or have questions, we can go over those in our virtual meeting
  3. Feel free to brew your first batch and see how you like it! We’ll go over your brew routine and taste together virtually. Looking forward to meeting you

Format:  Virtual event via Zoom (one-on-one)

Size:  1 person (but we can do group events, contact us for group pricing)

Event duration:  1 hour 

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Kelsey Moses

Founders' Bundle - Moccamaster (Home Edition)