Midnight Stargazer - Blend

Our Midnight Stargazer is a dreamy espresso blend of our best coffees that brings you on a galactic and cosmic journey that’s a reminder to follow your dreams each day. This coffee – a blend that showcases both the rich flavors of a traditional Brazilian Red Bourbon and the fruity complexity of an El Salvadorian Pacas – will take your senses to galactic, cosmic and dreamy places.

The Science Behind Midnight Stargazer

Our high-quality dark roast espresso blend combines our best coffees. We pre-blend and roast to hit just the right mix of low acidity with a rich aroma, body and a dark roast flavour. This dark espresso roast will appeal to more traditional coffee drinkers.


Meet Ivan e Rose Santos; we hope you enjoy their Reserva coffee! Reserva coffee comes from the top selection of a single farm cultivated in an artisanal way. It’s carefully handcrafted during all phases of the process by a single family.

El Salvador

Our Morning Light hails from the farm of Carlos Pola in El Salvador. Carlos uses regenerative farming practices, meaning that he is focused on soil health and sequestering carbon in the soil to mitigate climate change.

Verified Clean

Coffee is one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. We perform a third-party test on every lot of coffee we purchase to ensure that it is free of toxins, metals, moulds and agrichemicals. Choosing to drink a clean cup can be better for your health and the health of the communities that grow and harvest coffee beans. This lot of coffee was tested and verified by an independent third-party testing organization.

Click here and here for our lab reports for this coffee lot.