El Salvador – Carlos Pola

Carlos & Patty Pola use regenerative farming practices, meaning that they are focused on soil health and sequestering carbon in the soil to mitigate climate change. They also maintain a great working environment and care deeply about their community, striving to make an impact and “save the planet one cup at a time”.

Crisp Apple, Caramel, Chocolate-Hazelnut     

Coffee Information

Origin El Salvador
Variety Pacas
Process Natural
Farmer / Producer Carlos Pola
Region Apaneca Illamatepec
Sub-region Juayúa
Farm Finca San Antonio
Agricultural Practice Regenerative
Elevation (MASL) 1400
Origin Cup Score 85.5
  • Farmer-first Information

    We take a farmer-first approach when sourcing our coffee, recognizing that the best coffee often comes from family-owned farms. Our commitment ensures that farmers are fairly compensated for producing the highest quality coffee. Our approach goes beyond coffee; it's about empowering farmers and their families to thrive.

    • Farmer/Producer Relationship Length with BLCC: 2 years
    • Farm Gate (price paid to farmer): $4.20 (per lb)
    • Fairtrade Premium (source: fairtrade.net): $1.95 (per lb)
    • Percent above Fairtrade Premium: 215%
  • Facts about Coffee Farms across the world

    It's a fact that the world's coffee comes from families, not big corporations. Every bag of coffee that we deliver to you comes directly from these incredible coffee-producing families. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to sustainable practices truly make every sip of our coffee a unique experience. This is the ethos that drives us every single day.